Author : SCCA

The Sprintcar Control Council of Australia Inc held its annual National Stewards' and Technical Officers' Conference in Melbourne last weekend.
The annual Conference addresses a wide range of topics with the focus being on any changes made to the rules, regulations and specifications approved at the Annual SCCA AGM.
Hosted by SCCA National Chief Steward, Gary Winterbottom and National Chief Technical Officer, Wayne Baines, attendees had rule changes and specification changes explained. Attendees also took the opportunity to ask any questions and to make any suggestions with an eye toward the upcoming summer season of sprintcar racing.
One of the topics included in the discussion period was the clarification of the Australian Residency/Citizenship criteria to compete in the Australian Sprintcar Championship.
The SCCA has already commenced proper procedure by communique with its State Member Clubs to ensure reasonable and practical guidelines are established.
Other engaging matters of discussion were revised licencing requirements including the common expiry date of June 30 and the requirement for including an original (not copy) medical form, further discussion on seat pads, procedures in the rulebook and various scenarios for steward consensus.
Both Gary Winterbottom and Wayne Baines thanked the participants at the Conference not only for their attendance but also for their input, wishing all a safe and enjoyable 2017/2018 racing season.