Mitch Wormall in action at the Perth Motorplex last season (Phil Michell Photo)

Author : Chariots Of Thunder

When we talk about recent seat time and coming into the Chariots of Thunder Series “Race Ready” drivers who immediately spring to mind are current World Series Sprintcars Champion James McFadden and Mitch Wormall. The latter has just flow back into Australia to race in Darwin after racing in America while McFadden will miss the opening show returning just days after contesting the biggest race in the world, the Knoxville Nationals to race next Friday night.

Shortly after returning to Western Australia we caught up with the defending Western Australian 360ci Sprintcar Champion, Mitch Wormall, to find out how his gruelling schedule in America panned out for the likeable young up and coming star.

His American tour kicked off by taking in the Ohio Speedweek, a series that includes 8 nights of racing in 9 days at 8 different venues and is sanctioned by the All-star Circuit of Champions.

“During the Ohio Speedweek we made only 1 A main, 4 B Mains, 1 C Main, 1 D Main and we had 1 rainout. We got better and better as the week went on but just struggled adapting to the tracks in qualifying each night. Each night we would move forward in the heats and mains, missing out on 3 A main starts by 1 spot” added Mitch as he recalled a tough week.

Following Speedweek the team then travelled to Pennsylvania to race against the PA Posse, and this proved to be more of a struggle for the team as these tracks were big 1/2 miles which meant they were nothing like they had experienced before.

“The PA Speedweek had 10 races in 10 nights at 7 different tracks and we raced 7 of the 10-night due to a crash on the first night, a rain out and the last night we missed due to travelling back to Ohio to run with the World of Outlaws at Attica. During this week, we had motor dramas on the bigger tracks and we couldn’t get it running right which really killed us in qualifying”.

Mitch then went to run Outlaws at Attica and Eldora at the Brad Doty Classic and the Kings Royal. These nights proved to be tough racing against the best there is in the world. From this point for the rest of the trip they ran a few local shows at Attica and Atomic Speedway to finish of the trip

“Overall we were happy with the outcomes we had considering the quality of competitors we put ourselves up against. I loved racing with all the series that we did, they were all very helpful on and off the track: added Mitch in an appreciative manner.

“My crew were amazing as always with Rob Lock and Curtis Wormall helping us out the first month getting all the gear ready and giving us a hand during the Ohio Speedweek. Then as they flew in Nic Turner and James Inglis to give us a hand during the second month which I would like to thank them for. The whole team deserves a pat on the back, but there were only two guys that stayed to help the whole time, and without these two, Jaiden Marlow and Michael Armstrong, the trip wouldn’t have been possible. I think I wore these two out. Thank you to the whole team, it really is a team sport, if you don't have the right crew and the right mixture it will never work”.

He also went on to give a huge thankyou to Wormall Civil for sponsoring what we do in America and Australia along with his Mum (Chantelle) and Dad (Craig) and his siblings, Curtis, Sharna & Tia for their continuing support and belief.

“We will be back to America next year for sure, but hopefully with a bigger schedule next year which all depends on sponsorship and what we do in Australia. Now it’s time to head up to Darwin to see what I can do against the boys up there”.

Release by Phil Michell Motorsport Media for the Official Chariots of Thunder Magazine.