Luke Oldfield got the late call up to race at this year's Chariots of Thunder series (Phil Michell photo)

Luke Oldfield get “iFinded” for Chariots of Thunder
Author : Chariots Of Thunder

It’s a call that every driver wants to get, “We need a good driver are you available?” and Luke Oldfield got that call from Car owner Keith Phelps. Keith made a comeback in his racing career last year after battling a brain tumour and winning.

A side effect from his recovery was his mobility in his right arm. Not to be deterred from anything life has thrown at Keith, he re launched is Sprintcar career with the services of Peter McIver. The last 2 seasons he has picked up 3 podiums  including a 2nd in the 360 Sprintcars 2016 Northern Territory Championships. 

“After the last track championship round at Northline Speedway I felt this wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore. I still love the sport that is Sprintcar racing but driving is not the role I wanted. So me and Peter went on the hunt to find a driver that put the NT22 up the front this Chariot Series. And I’m pretty happy with the selection.” Said Keith Phelps.

Cue the call to Luke Oldfield – “Firstly a massive thanks to Keith Phelps and Peter McIver for giving me the is opportunity. I have never been to Darwin before, I have been researching it online and the place looks great. We are super busy getting our car ready for the season in Queensland but this is an enjoyable way to get some laps before we start.” Says Luke Oldfield.

The current Queensland Champion will miss the first round August 12th but will be back for the rest of the series. If you can’t be at the track you can catch every race of the Osotojic Chariots of Thunder series live .

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