Chace Karpenko will be one of the leading locals in the Chariots of Thunder Series at the Northline Speedway (Phil Michell Photo)

Nominations Open For Chariots Of Thunder
Author : Chariots Of Thunder

7mate Northline Speedway has now formally released the Ostojic Chariots of Thunder competitor information.

For prize money, point system, race format and important information please go to this Nomination form page and click on Competitor guide button at

When you are ready to Nominate, please fill in the required fields on the Chariots of Thunder Nomination page.

Nominations close 21st of July. If you Can nominate earlier to help us promote a fantastic series that would be appreciated. We encourage teams to come with any merchandise or prizes they would like to give away for our crowd and Social media competitions.

Please forward this to anyone who may be interested in competing

To keep up with the latest follow the Chariots of Thunder Facebook page at

The track has recently undergone Government upgrades as well as a huge committee effort to celebrate 35 years at Northline Speedway. Please note August 12th is a 10k to win event for the Make a Wish Cup.

From our expression of Interests, we expect to have over 30+ cars to run the entire series.

Nomination fee is a flat rate of $250 regardless if you are not running the entire series. Normal Late Nomination penalties apply.