Format Set For Ahg Sprintcar Series Rounds
Author : Ken Brown

The race format for the 2012-13 AHG Sprintcar Series competition has been finalised.

All of the 13 rounds will see the drivers compete in a qualifying session, followed by two rounds of heat races.

A Top Eight Shootout will follow to determine the starting positions for the highest pointscorers in the A Main.

The pointscore this summer will be based entirely on the finishing positions of drivers in the main event.

The heat race points will no longer count towards the final outcome.

The feature race winner will still earn 150 points, with second place worth 146 points and the third placegetter getting 144 points.

The points for all other drivers who finish the race will continue to go down in increments of two - 142 for fourth, 140 for fifth, etc.

Drivers who start the feature but do not finish the race receive 100 points.

Any competitor who races on the night but does not make the feature race field gets 50 points.

One of the most significant changes to the format will be the NASCAR style "Chase".

After round #9 at Perth Motorplex on January 27 the AHG Sprintcar Series goes into recess for several weeks.

The top ten pointscorers in the competition at that time will automatically earn themselves a berth in the "Chase".

Another driver - who is outside the top ten and an SEG member - will also be chosen to qualify for the chance to contest the championship.

This driver - known as the "Lucky Dog" - will be decided by the fans.

Details about choosing the "Lucky Dog" will be found in the media later in the season - with the fans voting on the SEG web site ( and the SEG Facebook page.

The eleven drivers in the “Chase” will have the same amount of points alongside their names going into the final four rounds - with the winner of each of the first nine A Mains getting an additional bonus point for their victory.

THEN the “CHASE” will be on!!

The remaining drivers will battle it out for position 12 and back in the standings.

Round #1 – October 20 – PERTH MOTORPLEX – Grand Opening Showdown
Round #2 – November 3 – PERTH MOTORPLEX – Magic Man 34 Tribute
Round #3 – November10 – COLLIE SPEEDWAY – Southern Thunder Series round 1
Round #4 – November 24 – PERTH MOTORPLEX – Scardifield Smash Repairs Sprintcar King of Wings
Round #5 – December 1 – QUIT BUNBURY SPEEDWAY – Southern Thunder Series round 2
Round #6 – December 8 – PERTH MOTORPLEX – 20th Annual Bonza Bradford Sprintcar Classic
Round #7 – December 27- PERTH MOTORPLEX – Sprintcar Christmas Cup
Round #8 – January 5 – PERTH MOTORPLEX – 9th Annual Sprintcar Muster
Round #9 – January 27 – PERTH MOTORPLEX – AHG Sprintcar Series
Round #10 – March 9 – PERTH MOTORPLEX – Salute The General 25 – John Day Night
Round #11 – March 23 – PERTH MOTORPLEX – AHG Sprintcar Series
Round #12 – March 30 – PERTH MOTORPLEX – Di Candilo Steel City Sprintcar Silver Cup
Round #13 – April 13 – PERTH MOTORPLEX – Sprintcar Gold Cup