Sra Practice Day Booked At Avalon For Sunday The 30th Of September
Author : Ian Vale

The annual SRA Scrutineering and Practice day is being conducted on Sunday the 30th of September at Avalon Raceway. Scrutineering will commence from 10pm till approximately 12.30pm before the on track practice beings at 1pm.

For any driver that wishes to practice you will need to have your SCCA Sprintcar competition License and Sprintcar registration done prior to the day to have a run. There will NOT be any licensing or registration done on the day. Also you will need to abide by the Venues requirements and there OH&S policy.

Please note that there will be a fee payable to help cover the ambulance cost for each driver that wishes to have a practice.

Due to the recent poor weather and some track work being carried out and further poor weather forecast later in the week the SRA will endeavour to advise all parties with further updates on the practice latter in the week on Sprintcar World and by Email where possible.

Alternative please check for any changes on the SRA Information Race line. 03 9539 3377

Any Driver that intends to have a practice please notify the SRA by E mail with your details. E Mail [email protected]