Clarification Re Report Jason Meyers & Scr9
Author : Steve Caunt

Author : Steve Caunt
Date : 31/7/2012

Clarification of a recent story on Jason Meyers and Steve Caunt Racing and WSS Contract statements in a article publically distributed:

Jason Meyers has never spoke to, or had discussions with World Series Sprintcar Representatives or Speedway Australia in relation to any matters with WSS current or future.

Jason Meyers does not hold a contract with WSS in any form, At no stage did Jason Meyers contemplate or consider WSS this upcoming season.

Jason Meyers may decide to race with WSS when he is here, If so he would join as a single race entry or sub for another Driver.

He totally enjoyed WSS competition last season and the interaction with tracks and organising officials.

Jason Meyers will be coming to Australia, has shipped equipment already for this upcoming season. Dates and Events is still being negotiated.Jason has a fan base that love to see him compete.

Steve Caunt has not spoke to any person in regards to this article including anyone associated with the proprietor or staff of the organisation whom published it.